Bitcoin Puppets is a collection of 10001 puppets inscribed as Ordinals on the Bitcoin Blockchain. Not intended for use as anything but art. No roadmap, promises or guarantees or any of that nonsense. Don't treat this like a goddamn corporation, okay?

p.s. imagery depicted are in no way representative of any real-world person, organization or place. This is all just for fun and should never be treated seriously. The whole point of this is that it's all fictional!

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Why Bitcoin Puppets are the definitive cultural symbol of the greatest asset class ever created.

We all know that attention drives liquidity, but we must also remember that culture drives attention. Not companies, not influencers. Organic, authentic culture emerges through individuals coalescing around shared meaning. It is not predictable, nor can it be manufactured.

Whether you like it or not, puppets are now the definitive cultural symbol on Bitcoin, primarily because we can all resonate with the simplistic absurdity of it. They are MS Paint monkeys created by a 12-year-old, it's absurd. And it reflects the absurdity of this space we are all in. We make and lose millions overnight gambling on dog tokens. We send millions of dollars to flagrant scam artists. We get rugged by world governments on the regular. This is a new reality emerging from the perpetually online digital society that we've found a way to monetize over the last decade.

Left curves love puppets because it represents everything about why they are here: making money on stupid shit. Right curves love puppets because it represents everything about why they are here: making money on stupid shit. Mid curves hate it because “meh, art looks bad, no roadmap, no utility”, but we all know that's bullshit. If you're here and you're middle of the road you will never make it.

Puppets are the pinnacle of crypto culture because they live on the edges, hiding in the shadow fringe on the chain that started a revolution in finance and self-organizing economic communities, not bounded by any authority. We swirl in a frenzy of laughter screaming that puppets will go to zero because we know that on a long enough timeline, everything goes to zero, even your precious fiat dollars. Along the way, whether you lose it all, or make it all, the only thing you can really do is laugh. We're not crazy, we're just ahead of the curve.

We know that this is the last opportunity our generation has to ride the wave of the greatest financial upheaval we have ever seen in order to escape the monotony of NPC wage slavery, selling our time for money when the only thing we really wish we could buy is more time. No one will understand you, and when you win they will call you lucky, but the puppets understand. We are a home for the homeless, a shed for you to warm yourself in before going back out into the storm of volatility that dominates our daily lives.

If you don't believe me or don't get it, I don't have time to try to convince you, sorry. We will simply watch you cope and seethe while we ride this wave all the way to the top.

Keep vibing, keep thriving, and keep striving, for WORLD PEACE


All my work is copylefted under the Viral Public License