About O.P.I.U.M. and Bitcoin Puppets

Ord Puppet Inu Undoxxed Millionaire and Bitcoin Puppets are esoteric and absurd ordinals collections of hand puppet inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain, created with basic tools, lots of effort and passion. These puppets are a product of the fringes of the karmic grid, where the most unconventional and offbeat ideas are born. The puppets are inscribed on Bitcoin and embedded on-chain for eternity. Not intended for use as anything but art. No roadmap, promises or guarantees or any of that nonsense. Don't treat this like a goddamn corporation okay?

this is a interview on the bitcoin puppets. thank you for listening. and a story the marketplaces won't tell you.

Viral Public License

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This WORK is hereby relinquished of all associated ownership, attribution, and copyrights, and redistribution or use of any kind, with or without modification, is permitted without restriction subject to the following conditions: Redistributions of this WORK or ANY work that makes use of ANY of the contents of this WORK by ANY kind of copying, dependency, linkage, or ANY other possible form of DERIVATION or COMBINATION, must retain the ENTIRETY of this license. No further restrictions of ANY kind may be applied.


It's important to note that these puppets are not mere playthings. They transcend the confines of practicality and serve as pure works of art. They were not conceived with a roadmap or any lofty promises, and they certainly don't conform to the rigid eoxpectations of a corporate entity. Instead, they are a manifestation of the artist's raw creativity and a celebration of the inherent quirkiness that resides within us all.

When you engage with the Puppets, leave behind the shackles of conventional thinking and surrender to the enchantment of the unconventional. Embrace the whimsy, relish in the absurd, and allow your imagination to roam freely. In this realm of handcrafted wonders, there are no guarantees, no prescribed paths to follow. It is a sanctuary for the offbeat and a testament to the limitless possibilities of artistic expression.

The Artist

In my realm, art knows no bounds. It is not confined to galleries or museums but lives and breathes within the fabric of existence. My work defies categorization, inviting you to step into a world where beauty and absurdity intertwine. Through the puppets of Ord Puppet Inu Undoxxed Millionaire, you will embark on a journey where imagination runs wild, and possibilities are limitless.

Each of these puppets is a testament to the unorthodox ideas that spring from the fringes of the karmic grid. Crafted with basic tools, they embody the raw essence of my artistic process, infused with immense effort and boundless passion. But they are not just mere puppets; they are a manifestation of the absurd, existing solely as art.

Contact me on Twitter: @lepuppeteerfou

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Cursed Puppets

Here be da list of cursed ordinal puppets:

How to buy

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art in it's purest form, is a manifestation of individuality. the no collab thesis asserts that the very essence of bitcoin puppets unique vision and narrative of a single artist. the artistic expression flourishes, unbridled by compromise or dilution. collaborations in the ordinals/NFT ecosystem often devolve into attention-grabbing spectacles, where the collective effort overshadows the intrinsic value. the no collab thesis liberates the project from the pressure to conform to trends or compromise on integrity for the sake of visibility.

the allure of collaboration often masks a perilous reality. (despite the often thought off win win scenario). the devaluation of the project. when art becomes a mere utility, a means to an end in a collaborative endeavor, it's inherent value is compromised. the no collab thesis acts as a guardian against such devaluation, ensuring the project is not reduced to a mere cog in a collective machine.

art forms a profound connection between the creator and the collector. by adhering to my no collab thesis, we preserve the sanctity of this connection. undiluted by external influences. in a ecosystem that champions collaboration as the epitome of success, the no collab thesis challenges the illusion of win win scenarios. it contends that true success lies in the unwavering pursuit of a project untainted by compromise. in conclusion, the no collab thesis is a defiance against the commodification of art.

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